Rescue Diver

One of the most intense classes you will ever take. When you walk away from this class there will be no doubt that you earned your Rescue Tab and certification.

You will be able to increase the chances of a buddy diver surviving an accident should it happen, be prepared to respond to an emergency on a dive site, or transfer the skills learned to other emergency situations.

When taken with our Oxygen Administrator/CPR/First Aid class you will have not only confident dive rescue skills but the knowledge of what to do once the victim is on the beach or boat.


$399 with Dan O2/CPR/First Aid or $280 Rescue only. Divers are responsible for all scuba gear for pool and open water sessions. Requires 3 pool sessions and 2 days open water diving. There is also a 1-day survival workshop for on-shore remote survival skills.

This is not a “rubber-stamp” or “collect another C-card” class. This class will test you and increase your dive skills. Deposit required in advance.



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