Gear and Equipment Donations

Feel good about letting go of that gear sitting in storage space.  Your used gear and equipment donations go a long way to helping our veterans. Since we are a 501 (c ) 3 we can provided you with the form to take to your tax or accounting professional to get you the proper credits. We gladly take ANY used gear and put it to use.

What are we looking for?

  • Masks, Fins, Snorkels, Wetsuits, Dry Suits, Boots, and Gloves
  • Air Tanks, Regulators, and BCDs
  • We desperately need a watercraft to extend the range of our dive operations.
  • Cargo trailer, van, or truck so our volunteers can keep mileage off of their personal vehicles.
  • A compressor set up for diving would help us with our back to back operational days.
  • A stand up pool for training in shallow water.

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Neptune Warrior is 501 (c ) 3 dedicated to helping wounded vets, transitioning service members, and local Police, Fire, and EMS professionals dealing with seen and unseen wounds through SCUBA diving. Our founder has been taking vets out since 2003 as an instructor and dive guide.

Scuba diving provides a safe space for those suffering PTSD and hyper-vigilance, an equalizer to those with physical challenges once they become neutrally buoyant in the water, a community for those transitioning from service, relaxation from stress, and sense of mission for those who have spent a career serving others.

Our team is made up of veterans and public safety volunteers. We are certified through NAUI at the professional level. Our volunteers do not receive a salary, team professionals do not receive compensation, and 100% of fees collected from dive training go back into getting our heroes into diving.

What makes us different- we serve all generations of vets, we serve both military and public safety officials, and our programs are developed to be largely self-supporting. We serve both the Treasure Valley area the Idaho/ Eastern Oregon region.