Our vets need your support. Each vet we certify cost around $400. This includes pool rental time, equipment, education materials, and insurance. While most vets off set some of these cost, we do have divers who are not in a financial place to pay for their own diving.

Operation Bronco II

URGENT! We have been tasked again to begin operations for Veterans at Boise State University much sooner than we expected and have to have gear in place No Later Than (NLT) September so we need your help in getting this mission headed in the right direction. Gear for this will be used in our other work as well— this is the first tasking of its kind since we launched a few months ago– a true test of our capability! Please donate as you feel. These are men and women who served and are now transitioning back into life and attending classes at BSU.


Tanks A Lot

$10 helps a vet by supplying air for a dive


Get a Vet Wet

$35 buys one hour of pool time for a vet (10 hours required for certification – 1-2 hours for each “Breathe” experience)

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Gear Up

$150 buys a vet mask, fins, snorkel, dive boots required for the class

Donate with PayPal